Thank You

Thank you to our other partners who have helped with grants to help SNAP help the pets of Thurston County!


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Thank you to The Ann Albohn Family Foundation for generously supporting SNAP over many years!


Thank you to all the state employees who contribute through the Combined Fund Drive (SNAP’s number is 1478944).   All these funds help pet owners in Thurston County.

SNAP would like to thank the following veterinary clinics that participate in the SNAP program:

  • Chamber Prairie Animal Hospital
  • Deschutes Animal Hospital
  • Scattercreek Animal Clinic
  • Steamboat Animal Hospital
  • Yelm Veterinary Hospital


A great way to show you care about dogs and cats is to purchase a “We Love Our Pets” specialty Washington license plate!  The funds from the sale of the license plates helps to pay for spaying and neutering of dogs and cats so fewer end up in animal shelters, abandoned, or born in the wild.

Want to get a customized license plate and help pets in Washington?

 Click Here

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